When it comes to Flower and the Snake, it’s as old a story as Adam and Eve. It started on the dance floor with a stolen kiss and just like that, two longtime friends became far more. A shared passion for deep house and disco sparked a fire which birthed their debut EP, True Love Hurts. 

Fueled by lust the pair wrapped their first track “Right Kind Of Love” before dawn, and such was the genesis of Flower and the Snake. Pure desire propelled the project forward until a prior commitment took Flower overseas. The Berlin winter made its way into the music: smoky streets and a dark undercurrent moving her pen as the transatlantic romance brought sexy, slithering tracks across the pond like sonic love letters.

Months passed with yearning and progress as more songs came to fruition. Finally, the two reunited for a whirlwind trip that peaked in Barcelona, before returning to Los Angeles for the next phase of their adventure.

Subdued vocals and gritty production lands the duo’s dirty disco somewhere between Blondie, Bowie, and The Bee Gees. Powered by the underground, Flower and the Snake intoxicate the senses with their heated beats and searing wantonness. Between the two of them there lies a distinct balance of masculine and feminine, making their music a cunning ode to the elixir of life.